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what to expect on your first visit, & what's available for kids

Let’s face it: first dates can be awkward.
Here’s what you can expect the first time we meet at a Woodstock Assembly of God service. 




We begin at 10 a.m. each Sunday morning. Some people come early and spend time praying in the main meeting room (we call it the Sanctuary). 



The first Sunday of the month is a little different than the rest.  We call these Sundays "Family First Sundays." Our service is family-centered and you'll all stay together in the service. We’ll start with some music, then some announcements, often a fun activity, and then the pastor will teach on a topic from the Bible that, hopefully, will get your family talking afterward. 



We'll start at 10 a.m. 

Come a few early if you can to register your child(ren) for their class(es). Each child will receive a nametag and you will receive a parent tag with a matching code. Preschoolers through 5th graders will join you in the service until they are dismissed after a song or two. Due to Covid and the safety of your children, babies and toddlers stay with their parents during service.  We are looking forward to opening our Nursery soon. Everyone else stays in the main service for more music and a Biblical message that will help you grow closer to God. 


There is also a Family Room where nursing mothers and parents who want to keep their infants and toddlers with them can watch the service in a comfortable environment.

We usually end around 11:30 a.m. 



We want to give each person in your family what they need to learn and grow in their knowledge of the Bible. There are options for kids and adults to help you grow deeper in your understanding of God and the Bible. We take breaks over the holidays and in the summer, so check the calendar or call the church office at 815-338-1316 to be sure classes are in session and to find out about adult class topics.

What can I expect?




We hope you feel God here whether you know the songs or not. Our team will lead some songs with the words on a screen so you can follow along. You can sit or stand, sing or hum or listen. During the worship time, some people may clap their hands, while others may lift their hands to God as an act of worship.  Sometimes we will be invited to make up our own songs in worship to God while the leader plays music, and other times it will be quiet so we can listen for God to speak to us.


Music directs our focus and prepares us to hear the message God has for us from the speaker. 


We often end the service with a time of reflection and more music.



We’re relaxed and we hope you will feel that way too, no matter what you wear. Some people like to dress up, but most wear business casual or casual, like jeans or even shorts when the weather is warm. 




We care about your whole family, so we have prepared engaging classes for kids (infants through 5th grade). Your kids will be cared for in a fun learning environment with Biblical teaching and activities appropriate for their age level, so you can focus on growing in your knowledge of God in the main service. At best, your kids are with us 50 hours a year, but they’re with you about 3,000 hours a year, so we want to enable you to be the best spiritual leader you can be. 


Many of our teachers have teaching or childcare experience outside the church, and all have been through background checks. Your kids are safe with us! 

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